About Us

TutorGadgets.com is African No 1 Tech blog.

The brain behind this Blog, (Ayogu Sunday Ejiofor) also known as BuyNigeria, is a guy with passion for not just gadgets but high end gadgets, he is a public servant, but refused to be  deter from doing what he love doing, in 2012, he started importing a quality but unknown brand of tablet and phone from china (Created phone and tablet PC.) which gave him some popularity and ideal to go into more research for the benefit of mankind.

Why Tech Blog?

The ideal was born out of the love for African gadgets users who are often defrauded by the mobile gadgets dealers or perhaps, the Gadgets manufacturers who dubiously shortchange their unsuspected customer by means of false declaration of Gadget’s content or through inflation of price of such unwarranted gadgets, Hence the need to educate Nigerian and the world at large on what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, when to buy.

we use our time and money to research and acertain the actual content of every GadGets for the benefit of our beloved readers.